Saturday, May 16, 2015

Lemon and Mint

Hello guys!
Summer is comming and H&M have a new collection. Oh, and we - of course - had to buy something from H&M. This shop is our favorite and we like almost everything what they have in the shop.
Today was sunny day and we took our camera and go made some photos. It was beautiful weather.
When it is sunny I like to drink water with lemon and mint. It well detox for me.

Iza wears
- Sun Glasses -
- T-shirt - H&M
- Lace trousers - H&M
- Boots - NewYorker
- Braclet - Online Shop
- Handbag - H&M
- Ring - Swarovski
- Starbucks cup

-Do you like this new photos? Write comment. :)

We're excited to see you soon!
xoxo, Isa and her photographer Zuzia <3