Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Black is my happy color

Hello Guys!
I wrote my English Final Exam today and I hope I will pass. It wasn't hard how I think it will be.. 
For today I'm going to show you my "black everything" outfit. I really love my black outfits. When I'm wearing something black, I feel so comfortable. It's funny, when I remember that, when I was young I worn pink color everyday. It was my favourite. And now..Black is probably my new Pink. Yeah, Black is my happy color.
This outfit is so simple, and.. I like it. 
I hope you will like it, too. :)

I wear
- Sun Glasses - Vans
- Shirt - H&M
- Cardigan - HM.com
- Trousers - HM.com
- Necklaces - H&M
- Trainers - Converse

Do you like this photos?
Do you like this outfit?
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I hope I will see you soon.
xoxo, Zuzia and her photographer Iza <3


  1. Zuzia *.* <3
    My favourite color is black! 💕 I love yours photos. The best models! <3