Saturday, June 6, 2015

Summer is already here

Heeey Guys!!

We didn't see each other for long time! And now, summer is here and we are here, too!! 
Today it was very hot, so I decided to wear something white. Oh, I wear just white. Oops. 

Dlho sme sa nevideli a teraz keď je leto už tu, sme tu s ním tiež. Dnes bolo veľmi horúco, a tak som sa rozhodla, že si vezmem niečo biele. Oh, vlastne ja mám oblečené len bielu. Ops.


I never wear just white color. I usually wear something with black. And it's usually all in black. I don't know what happens with me. My mum was surprised, lol. She said that I look better in black, but it's maybe for that I usually wear black and she is accustomed to black.  

Zuzka wears

- T-shirt - H&M
- Shorts - NewYorker
- Cardigan -
- Trainers - Converse
- Bag - Mohito
- Necklaces - H&M

In last article you saw me in black. Now you can review and compare my outfits.
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I hope we will see you again :)
xoxo, Zuzia and her photographer Iza <3